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U.S. Citizens End Up in the ER Each Year Due to Slip & Fall Accidents

Preventing Falls Has Never Been Easier Thanks to The Maas & Bath Support Handle

Patients falling at home often lands them in a hospital bed, with broken bones and in need of
extensive physical therapy. With the Maas & Bath Grab Bars, users can
safely navigate smooth or wet surfaces.

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Strong Suction Power

These grab bars are super easy to install, with a simple click of a button. They can be attached to any smooth, clean, dry surface. They are also able to carry weight of up to 250 Lbs, making them a safe and reliable product to install throughout your home.

Maas & Bath created this support handle to be useful in many rooms, including the bathroom, toilet, living room, and kitchen.

Users no longer need to feel worried about tripping or falling. The Maas & Bath Support Handles offer the confidence you need.

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    Easy, Quick to Install
    Without Drills/Tools

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Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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Grab Bars: The Best Product for
Shower, Toilet, and Bathroom Safety

Unlike other home and bathroom safety products, like non-slip mats and patient alarms, Maas & Bath grab bars provide a sturdy place to hold onto while traversing slippery areas like a tile floor. It not only provides stability to reduce the risk of falling tripping, but it also provides a way to regain balance should you slip at all. Keep reading to discover the features that make these support handles so worthwhile.

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    Tool-Free Installation

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    Superior Stability,
    Powerful Suction

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    Comfortable Grip

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    No Surface
    Damage After Removal

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    Extra-Portable &

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    Durable ABS


Adheres Instantly to Any Smooth Surface with Strong Suction

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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The Maas & Bath Support Handles
Offer Support to a Wide Range of People

Beyond just helping senior citizens, the Maas & Bath Support Handle benefits a wide variety of people
by providing support and making autonomy more accessible.



Maas & Bath Support Handles provide people with limited mobility/difficulty moving with extra grip and support, reducing the likelihood of getting hurt.



This best-seller offers women peace of mind during a vital time in their lives.



Perfect for use outside the tub or with shower chairs, the Maas & Bath Support Handle can be raised, or lowered easily, making it exceptionally suitable for seniors.



If you’re worried about children falling while standing or exiting the shower or bathtub, look no further than this ingenious support bar to add stability and make your bathroom safer for the little ones.


Injured/ Recovering Patients

Post-surgery or injury, it helps offer steady support during recovery.

Guaranteed Money-Back Up to 30 Days

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Easy & Quick to Install
DIY without Extra Tools or Knowledge

The Maas & Bath Support Handle is user-friendly and easy to install, with a push mechanism that secures it in place. Unlike fall mats, which can only be secured to a bed using a complicated hook and loop straps
system, it can be attached to any smooth, clean surface in any room.


Press the handle against the desired surface and hold it in place.


Press both tabs down to activate the strong suction power.


The Maas & Bath Support Handle is now secure, and installation is complete.


To remove, pull the tabs upward. The bar can now be re-positioned, moved to a different area, stored away, and taken with you while traveling elsewhere.

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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What Our Customers Have to Say
About The #1 Grab Rails Available


Top Bathroom Addition!


Ever since my son brought me these grab bars, I have felt much less worried that I would slip and fall. They are very sturdy. I highly recommend them to anyone who finds standing up after sitting or exiting the shower a challenge.

Emily N.


Great Support for Stairs


Stair use has become more and more difficult for me in my old age. But I have installed the Maas & Bath Support Handles in almost every room of my house, including the staircase. I still live on my own and these bars help me feel safe in my home.

Marcus W.


Feeling Much Safer


After I had a big fall in the bathroom last year, we seriously considered moving to a nursing home for our safety. But we heard about these grab bars and decided to give them a try first. Maas & Bath has changed my life and given me many more years to live independently. Thank you!

Sofia R.


Essential Product for Every Home!


I cannot sing high enough praises for this product. While being at home for months to recover from surgery, the Maas & Bath Support Handle has been my best friend. I got several and put them in places where I would need them most, and they work so well! Well worth the purchase.

Aiden P.


More Relaxed


I bought my mom a Maas & Bath Support Handle to help her stand up and get out of the bath safely, and I feel much more at ease knowing she has something to keep her stable. Great purchase!

Jasmine T.


Great Quality!


Accidents happen every day, and I have had my feet knocked out from under me many times because of wet floors or slippery surfaces. Now that I’m getting older, I have invested in a few of these grab bars to keep that from happening, and I am very impressed. Top-tier product, for sure.

Carlos G.

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Where Can The Maas & Bath Support Handle Be Used?

The Maas & Bath Support Handle can be used in any room and attached to any surface, as long as it is clean, flat, and smooth.

Do I Need Special Tools for Installing Them?

Installation of the Maas & Bath Support Handle is incredibly easy, with no special tools or skills needed.

Are These Handles Permanent?

Maas & Bath Support Handles are not permanent and are designed to be easily removable. Simply pull the tabs upward to release the suction.

How Often Can They Be Re-positioned?

As many times/ as often as needed.

How Much Weight Will My Maas & Bath Safety Handle Support?

Each grab bar can support up to 250 Lbs.

Will They Rust or Stop Working if They Get Wet?

The Maas & Bath Support Handles are made from high-quality ABS plastic. They are completely water and rust-proof, ensuring they last a lifetime.

Limited-Time 50% OFF Special Discount
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(Some Options Available for Free Shipping)

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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