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The Maas & Bath Support Handle Offers Seniors Safety and Peace of Mind in The Shower

These devices can be a lifesaver for elderly friends and family members living alone. Rest assured knowing your loved ones are safe on the smooth surface of their showers.

  • Written by
    Adam V.

  • Published On
    December 5, 2023

  • Takes
    3 Min to Read

Most people have elderly family members or friends who are healthy enough to live by themselves. However, after a certain age, accidents like slipping in the bathtub or tripping while exiting the shower can have lasting detrimental effects on a person’s overall quality of life.

Falls like these often lead to more than just injuries, like a sudden lack of confidence, fear of falling again, and a loss of mobility. In many instances, accidents in the bathroom also go unnoticed for extended periods, which can make elderly individuals afraid of living alone.

Because most senior home accidents happen in the bathroom, the installation of suitable bathroom safety items is crucial. One such product is a sturdy grab bar to help prevent falls.

Shower Grab Bars Offer More Independence for Seniors

Grab bars offer support and stability when exiting and using the tub or shower. This prevents accidents and makes users feel comfortable living alone for longer, without the need for caregivers or nurses.

While many brands offer these types of support bars, most of them are difficult to install, requiring dills, screws, and other specialized tools. This is what led to the creation of Maas & Bath Support Handles.

The inventors of this ingenious new product understood how often dangerous accidents happen in the homes of elderly citizens, but how difficult it can be to install safety products by themselves.

This sparked the idea to create a new lightweight and portable safety handle that is easy to install, without sacrificing any of the strength offered by permanently installed bars.

Easy to Install

(Without Drilling Holes or Using Power Tools)

That’s Why the Maas & Bath Shower Handle Was Created

Maas & Bath shower grab bars are revolutionary in their design, using powerful suction to adhere to the surface. Each support handle includes two suction cups to secure it to your bathroom wall or tiles, providing reliable stability when needed.

These grab handles are extremely durable and can be used in any room where extra support is needed, including the toilet.

They provide elderly users with a sense of safety and relaxation while bathing. This reduction of anxiety, in turn, leads to an increased sense of autonomy and a better quality of life overall.

Specifically designed to be elderly-friendly, these support handles offer an easy way for seniors to place and reposition them at the perfect height, making them accessible to all elderly users. Additionally, users can simply store them away when they are not needed.

These shower grab bars are waterproof and have a textured, non-slip surface for a better grip.

Beyond senior citizens, the suction cup design of these handles makes them ideal for children, people with injuries, those recovering from surgery, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

They can be attached quickly to any flat, dry surface that is non-porous. This includes:

  • Acrylic Board
  • Glass
  • Lacquered Wood
  • Marble
  • Metal Paneling
  • Smooth Vinyl
  • Tiles

To attach the support handles, ensure the surface is clean. Simply press the handles against the surface, and use the locking mechanism to secure them.

Reviews From Users: Here’s What Customers Have to Say

“Last year, I underwent surgery on both my legs and had to shuffle around in casts for ages. Maas & Bath Support Handle is one of the best purchases and helped me throughout my recovery. They are super easy to use, and I don’t know how I would have managed without them!”

- Sofia R.|Verified Customer

“Grab bars like these became a necessity after my wife fell getting out of the bathtub and cracked her hip. We were very impressed with the quick delivery, and the Maas & Bath brand support handles work so well. I am a fairly heavy man and when I tested them, they were able to hold my weight easily. Well worth their price!”

- Aarav Patel|Verified Customer

“When I was pregnant, my husband bought some of these shower support bars for our house so that I wouldn’t hurt myself while home alone. I adore that we didn’t need to drill any holes to install them. Now they are packed away and ready to use when we expect our next child!”

- Yuna Kim|Verified Customer

Compared to other shower grab bars, for which users often pay staggeringly high prices of up to 500 USD, these shower support handles are a cost-effective, portable alternative that is easy to install and use.

Purchase your shower support handle today, and never worry about dangerous home accidents again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to Purchase Maas & Bath Support Handles?

Because this is such an important product, Maas & Bath are working hard to make them accessible to as many users in need as possible. For this reason, these support handles are on sale for a significant discount, and a limited time only.

Keep in mind that these deals are only available while stocks last, and orders ship out quickly.

These strong shower grab bars are becoming more and more popular, so make sure to order yours before they sell out completely by following the link below!


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DO NOTE: These Shower Handles can only be purchased on the official website.

They are not available through typical e-commerce sites like eBay or Amazon. To ensure you are purchasing the original product, instead of a cheaply made copycat, do the following:

1. Follow this link to the official website.

2. Apply the limited-time discount code for 50% OFF when checking out.

3. Fall in love with your new shower grab bar!

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Limited-Time Offer
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Order Now for 50% OFF

*Some Options Available for Free Shipping